Stress has an origin story.

Biometrics tracking backed by the experts in objective mental health research and psychologist-developed tools for taking stress management into your own hands

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Use this science-backed check-in to measure the amount of Perceived Stress you are experiencing. Medibio's stress app will invite you to take the Assessment every two weeks so you can track your progress.

In the last month, how often have you felt that you were unable to control the important things in your life?

Almost Never

In the last month, how often have you felt nervous and stressed?


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The Odyssey uses psychometric analysis of Personality and Emotional Intelligence dimensions, Awareness and Impact of Stressors, and evaluation of Adaptive Behaviors and Coping Strategies to explore how stress is uniquely experienced, based on individual traits. Medibio’s stress app will help you:

  • Understand both Positive and Negative Stress
  • Test for Occupational Burnout
  • Learn reframing skills to manage cognitive distortions
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Use Medibio's stress app to harness over twenty years of research into the relationship between biomarkers and stress response. Use your smartwatch to collect data that tracks core components of stress, the application translates this psychophysiological language into actionable, objective daily scores for:

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Pulse Gauge


The Pulse gauge provides a quick reference of your overall stress level. Data from Cardiac, Activity, and Sleep biometrics are analyzed and displayed in a qualitative format, presented as three levels - Low, Medium, and High - as an overview of the more detailed scores available within the application.

Pulse Gauge