Q. What is LUCA?

A. LUCA is a mobile application that provides wearable device users (Apple and Garmin to start) with daily biometric feedback to track and monitor levels of stress in the body. It presents an overall stress score, plus a navigable timeline of three stress variables based on sleep, cardiac, and physical activity. 

    1. Sleep stress: LUCA monitors sleep using data collected by your wearable device and calculates a score once a day. Registering a low sleep score indicates you are not getting quality sleep and should try adjusting your schedule or routine.
    2. Cardiac stress: A higher cardiac score indicates you are achieving a healthy heart rate and using energy above sedentary levels on a more frequent basis. Increased cardiac scores are associated with a healthy lifestyle including an appropriate heart rate during physical activity and increased energy use. 

Activity stress: A higher activity score indicates you are achieving an increased intensity and duration of daily and weekly activity. Increased cardiac scores are associated with a healthy lifestyle including on a daily, weekly and ongoing basis.  

Q. I am travelling pretty well, why should I buy this app?

A. Lingering stigma still prevents many from talking about their mental well-being, but our new assessment tool for smartphones and wearables called LUCA will provide consumers with an accessible tool they can take with them anywhere – and with the privacy of their own mobile device. The app objectively measures and monitors stress variables across sleep, activity, and heart rate, while helping them learn ways to channel negative stress (distress) to positive stress (eustress). LUCA can be the critical first step in the mental health journey.

Q. Who is LUCA for?

A. LUCA is for anyone looking to improve their mental well-being, and especially those looking to monitor their stress levels through their own personal wearable device. A smartphone and Apple Watch or Garmin Watch is required and we expect to see a mix of tech and health early adopters at launch, while we educate all other consumers about this new opportunity. 

LUCA is the critical first step in the mental health journey, allowing users to see how stress materializes through biometric data, and helping them identify a personalized solution.

Q. How does LUCA work?

A. LUCA provides an understanding of how stressors can lead to stress escalation and perspectives on how personal habits and choices can work to mitigate or avoid severe levels of harmful stress. The app provides a complete framework for monitoring stress with objective biometrics and user-driven assessments to uncover how. Personality and Emotional Intelligence dimensions and Coping Mechanisms interrelate with stressors to identify adaptive or maladaptive behaviors.  This can create new perspectives and methods for not only reducing the effects of negative stress but avoiding them. 

LUCA’s goal is to map human behavior to biometrics. As the user continues to sleep, move and experience daily stressors, the app is able to pinpoint specific moments of increased stress.

  1. Biometrics bring Medibio’s legacy of objective mental health research to life, using the body’s physiological signals to produce a stress measure output. 
  2. A 10-question bi-weekly Perceived Stress Assessment gauges a user’s stress perception from their perspective. 

And the Odyssey, developed by Medibio’s own neuroscience team, is a suite of tools to help identify and confront individual stressors, providing an ongoing support system.

Q. LUCA focuses on three different areas to assess a person’s mental health. What are they and why are they important?

A. LUCA looks at stress from three different focal points:

  • Biometrics: Biometrics bring Medibio’s legacy of objective mental health research to life, using the body’s physiological signals to produce a stress measure output. This ‘language of the body’ is translated in three ways: Cardiac, Activity, and Sleep along with a qualitative Overall ‘Pulse’ icon for quick reference.
    • LUCA receives biometric data through a smartwatch device and displays each score along a timeline, allowing users to identify potential areas of concern, recognize patterns, and identify stress, objectively.
  • Assessment: An individual’s level of perceived stress is also a critical element to understanding the complete stress landscape. The Assessment – Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) – is a short series of evidence-based questions to determine the level of stress users feel they are experiencing. LUCA invites users to participate in this ‘self-check’ every two weeks.

Odyssey: A step-by-step in-depth analysis that explores Personality, Emotional Intelligence, Stress Identification, Burnout, and more. The Odyssey’s framework helps users understand how stress is uniquely affecting them and offers a process for identifying adaptive and maladaptive behaviors.

Q. Who is Medibio and what is your interest in mental health?

A. Medibio is a mental health company which has over 25 years of research. Our mission is to help users identify the link between biological markers and their mental health. We envision a world where objective data empowers mental wellness and wellbeing.

Q. Will my results be confidential?

A. Absolutely. Your results are protected by legal and professional codes of practice to protect your privacy. Please find Medibio Limited’s terms and conditions; https://medibio.com.au/privacy-and-terms/

Q. Do you sell user data?

A. Medibio does not sell any user data from the LUCA application.

Q. I am concerned about my results - what next?

A. Your results may prompt you to visit a primary care provider such as a Family Physician, General Practitioner or Psychologist. If you don’t have a primary care provider, call your local medical centre and ask for a doctor with an interest in mental health, taking your results with you will help.

Q. What if I don't have a device?

A. No trouble at all, you can still use LUCA! The biometric measures are only one component of LUCA, and if you do not have a device you will still be able to access the assessments and your results, with full access to the LUCA resources suite to help you take the next steps to help you identify and manage your stress and to improve mental wellbeing.

Q. What makes LUCA different from other mental health apps like Calm or Headspace?

A. Other mental health apps lack the ability to find the true cause of stress in individuals. Although these other apps can be useful to help mitigate stress, they do not help in identifying the users’ core stressors. LUCA’s goal is to better understand human behavior and the interaction between you as a person, the stressors, and how a person handles stress according to adaptive or maladaptive behaviors.

Q. Do I have the right to be forgotten?

A. Yes, please click here to request your data be deleted; https://support.medibio.com.au

Q. How do I set up my Apple watch?

A. Please use the following steps; 

  1. You need to enable sleep tracking on your Apple Watch. Here is the tutorial on how to do this – https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/watch/welcome/watchos
  2. To start using biometrics you need to connect your Apple Health App to LUCA application and give permissions for all required categories of data. Here is the tutorial on how to share your Apple Health data if you missed it during device connection – https://support. apple.com/en-gb/guide/iphone/iph27f6325b2/ios
Q. How do I set up my Garmin watch?

A. Please use the following steps; 

  1. To start using biometrics with your Garmin device you need to connect your Garmin Connect account to LUCA and give permissions to read your data.
  2. Next, go to the Garmin Connect application and sync your data.
  3. Sync your data each day to get the latest biometrics.

Here is the tutorial on how to sync the data with Garmin Connect account if you have some issues; https://support.garmin.com/en-US/?faq=tcCwdhjywt9nIwSdeIlIt9

Q. Why are my biometrics not showing up?

A. These are the things required in order for your biometrics to be showing up:

  1. You need to have a paid LUCA subscription and connect a compatible Apple (Apple Watch Series 3 and Higher) or Garmin (All Garmin devices with Heart Rate).
  2. You must wear your device consistently for biometrics to be collected and reported by LUCA. Taking your wearable off to bathe or charging will not disrupt your biometrics.
  3. Before going to bed, please start your Sleep Cycle on the Home page in LUCA, for LUCA to calculate your Sleep Biometrics. 
  4. If you are using an Apple Watch, you need to enable sleep tracking. Here is the tutorial how to do this – https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/watch/apd830528336/watchos 
  5. If you are a Garmin wearable user, you need to open Garmin Connect each day in order to push your Garmin biometric data to LUCA.

It may take several days of consistently wearing your device for your biometric data to be reported by LUCA. One full day of data (12:00 am to 11:59 pm) must be available in order for biometrics to be reported.

Q. Why am I unable to log into LUCA?

A. In order to log into LUCA you need to log in with the same email that you registered with.